The MULTINA project undertook a mobility analysis, developed a MULTINA guide and an Internationalisation@home Toolkit to enable trainees to get insights into international business by participating in interactive multinational activities.  MULTINA allows trainees to experience the reality of the global interconnected business world where they can become active citizens and experience realistic work-based interactions with their international peers through a cooperative, innovative and inclusive model of multinational Practice Enterprise activities.

This project output includes an analysis of potential models and best practices from in-person mobilities for the modelling of the MULTINA multinational Practice Enterprise model. 

This includes research on studies from global institutions on the future of mobilities, regulations and policies related to mobility activity recognition and examples of practical international work in relation to different fields of VET study.

The MULTINA Guide details the multinational PE methodology and approach to learning for VET students and is the main project output.

The guide was conceived as an operating tool supporting schools and VET centres providing Practice Enterprise training, to cooperate in setting up and implementing the methodology within a VET context.

The main aim of the Internationalisation@Home activities and Toolkit is to make Practice Enterprise more globally oriented and internationally connected. This output is divided in two parts: Global Competencies and Internationalisation@Home Toolkit.

The Internationalisation@Home Toolkit provides hands-on experience with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that arise when conducting multinational Practice Enterprise activities.