This Cultural Understanding resource page supports VET trainees in their cross-cultural business interactions and ways in which they learn from one another. Through multinational activities, trainees develop cultural awareness and multinational interactions, which prepare them for the world of work by training in effective global communication, teamwork and digital skills. One of the primary objectives of multinational Practice Enterprise activities is to familiarize trainees with the cultural, legal, and economic environments they may encounter when dealing with international partners. They learn to navigate language barriers, adapt to different business practices, and learn about the impact of cultural norms on business negotiations. These skills are essential for building successful international relationships and an internationalisation@home.

Regional Business Culture

Understanding regional business culture is especially important in multinational Practice Enterprise activities. Regional business culture refers to the cultural norms, values, and practices that influence the way business is conducted in a geographic region. Understanding and respecting these cultural nuances is crucial for success in international business.

Steps to remember when doing business with international PEs:

  • Research the cultural context of the PE
  • Identify and explore the communication style
  • Undertake cultural sensitivity training in your PE

Transnational Communication

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, Practice Enterprises must navigate communication in a diverse and global landscape. Transnational communication involves the exchange of information, ideas, and messages across borders. It helps PEs overcome cultural barriers, promote cultural understanding and build meaningful connections.

Steps to remember when communicating with international PEs:

  • Embracing cultural diversity
  • Implementing successful communication strategies within the global PE community
  • Using a collaborative approach to foster creativity and innovation

Artificial Intelligence

AI has a profound impact on the ways that Practice Enterprises operate. AI helps PEs to analyze data trends, identify patterns and provide actionable insights. AI tools can support PE employees to streamline internal communication processes, project management and help track the tasks and timelines.

Steps to remember when using AI in your PE:

  • Integrating AI into PEs brings benefits but should be implemented in a responsible way
  • PEs should be aware of ethical considerations and data privacy
  • Invest in AI (Practice Enterprise) employee training

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