The MULTINA project develops an innovative and inclusive model of the Practice Enterprise concept by creating multinational Practice Enterprises for VET students to experience an internationalisation@home. Students work and learn together with peers from other countries, strengthening international cooperation, language and digital skills, getting a better understanding of how an international market works.

The multinational Practice Enterprise offers virtual mobility opportunity for trainees through operational connections with other Practice Enterprises from around the world, creating a realistic multinational learning environment. The international dimension of the Practice Enterprise is especially relevant, asit can provide an internationalisation@home if VET institutions experience difficulty in mobility activities or can provide flexible and inclusive opportunities for VET trainees from disadvantage backgrounds or with special needs.


The MULTINA Consortium is led by PEN Worldwide (Germany). Partners include International Business College (Denmark), Centro Studio Opera Don Calabria (Italy), REEP Euro Ent’Ent (France), and ŠIOV (Slovakia).

PEN Worldwide (PEN) is a non-profit association providing coordination of and support to the international Practice Enterprise networks. The European network consists of 17 legally autonomous national Practice Enterprise Central Offices that together include over 5,000 Practice Enterprises training more than 120,000 VET students every year.

With an emphasis on career readiness, Practice Enterprises offer a live European and worldwide business simulation that provides trainees with a competitive edge through project-based learning and the development of skills in entrepreneurship and international business.

REEP EURO ENT’ENT has been developing innovative and realistic training tools for over 35 years to support practical training operations within Practice Enterprises in constant technology and evolution monitoring of various economic actors interacting with SMEs to offer the highest possible realism to learners. The training concept is currently also focused on the digital transformation of companies, providing each learner with a useful professional digital skill package. The curriculums are implemented in all the training institutions of the French national Practice Enterprises network, through 115 training centers or vocational schools.

The Association “Centro Studi – Opera Don Calabria” was founded in 1994 as an emanation of the Congregation of the Poor Servants of Divine Providence – Don Calabria Institute.The core mission of CS – ODC is focusing on the fields vocational training, on-the-job training, active labour policy, re-education and youth activities. The Simulimpresa department, which deals with the concept of Practice Enterprise are a small team of professionals located in Ferrara. 

The State Institute of Vocational Education (ŠIOV) is a directly managed organisation of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, responsible for the coordination of vocational education and training and adult education in Slovakia. It supports the development of national policies in the field of education, helps to introduce new trends and innovations in vocational education and training and adult education. ŠIOV activities focus on pupils, teaching and vocational staff and employers’ needs. ŠIOV is a member of the European Basic Skills Network (EBSN), the European Forum for Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), the Association of Adult Education Institutions in Slovakia, the European Association for Adult Education (EAEA). 

International Business College (IBC) is among Denmark’s top 5 VET providers, offering education in mercantile fields. With 3 locations, IBC educates 15,000 students annually and has 500 employees. SIMU Learning, a separate department, develops and provides educational and online business simulation systems to all VET schools nationwide. These systems enable students to bridge theory with practical business scenarios, fostering a hands-on understanding of curriculum theories. SIMU Learning collaborates with all VET schools, holding a central role in mercantile VET education. Their practice-oriented systems, developed over 25 years, are utilized by mercantile Practical Training Centers, engaging over 500 daily users and 50 trainers associated with SIMU Learnings core business. SIMU Learning is the Danish national Central Office of Practice Enterprises.